Broken Spring

There are various sizes of garage door springs which help in lifting weight of door.

As a result garage doors work smoothly. As far as garage doors are concerned, damaged spring is one of the common reasons of malfunctioning. Garage door broken spring can be fixed by technical experts only. Our team members are capable to fix extension springs and torsion springs of industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Inexpert individual should not fix springs with improper tools as it is dangerous as well as damages garage door more than repairing it.

Lifespan of Garage Door Springs

Garage door broken spring creates trouble for users. It is necessary to maintain and replace springs before they stop working. Each door spring has specific time period to work. Maximum time period is considered in form of cycles. Most of door springs have lifespan of 10,000 cycles. Number of years depends on use of garage door on daily basis. If garage door is used 2 times in a day, it will have life expectancy of 14 years. Six times a day means lifespan of five years whereas 8 times a day reduces lifespan to only three years.

Garage door springs work for years therefore our company provides quality product which will work up to ten years with warranty. You may have installed springs which stopped working within a year. It is the result of low quality product. In case, garage doors are opened and closed on excessive basis, still springs can work for more than three years. Call our technicians to get an idea of maximum lifetime of springs and replace them before completing that time period.